eSports a Multi-Billion Dollar Opportunity


casinoorsportsbettinbillE-sports is growing bigger and bigger every day. The industry is providing opportunities for investors to invest and grow their money. E-sport is attracting more investors from advertisements and branding. The most significant contributor of the E-sport sector is the online casino gaming industry. More people are putting their money in gambling, advertising, software sales that are making the industry more potential for future investors. Large entertainment companies are also investing billions in the sector. It’s also targeting that American sports leagues like NBA and NHL to join the e-sporting industry raising the revenues from the industry.

The industry is at current generating over $748 billion as revenues. The sudden increase and shift to online sporting is driven by technology advancement. The companies that are investing in online sports have identified this lucrative opportunity and potential to grow. Estimates are that the industry will be generating over $1.9 billion in revenue by 2018. The biggest investors in these new markets are North America, Europe and Asia.

Most online casinos initially were registered in Asia and Europe. With time, the casino has players from all over the world. This growth is giving advertising companies an advantage to reach more market. Also, money dealing sites are handling more money from millions of people willing to invest in e-sport. The authorities are enacting laws to regulate the industry and make it more secure. Online gaming authorities are licensing more companies for online gaming sports.

In the last two decades, the opportunities presented by e-sporting have been embraced globally. Faster internet connection and data security technology is making the new e-sport industry more reliable and hence pulling in more and more traffic. Software companies are also increasing their revenues from the bulging number of sites running online sports. The pioneer gaming software companies were micro gaming and Peri play. The growth in the industry has seen more and more companies join the industry. It signifies an active growth and a pool of opportunities for the e-sporting sector.

E-sports have grown to among the leading spectator sports. The online sporting has provided a platform for sports lovers to create a team of professional players and compete to make money. Many of the e-sports are free but also others charge up $3 for entry. The enormous revenue from the industry continues to increase as more people are subscribing to watching e-sports online. The massive audience is attracting more players for other traditional sectors to this new industry. It is therefore that the e-sports opportunities are set to increase even over the next three years to generate an estimated $1.9 billion. Analysts project a massive investment from the America and Europe as the Asian pioneers will be approaching stagnation.

The industry has taken the course in Europe with many companies getting permits for online gambling. Though the market was initially unpopular in America, the industry has grown to generate higher revenues. The big games played on online casinos are the league of legends, StarCraft two and world of War Craft.