Table Game Innovator Creates New 50 Card Deck For Casino Card Games

Empire Global Gaming, a leading innovator of casino table games, created its own patent pending deck of cards.  The new option is a 50-card enhanced deck that developers promote as a more exhilarating and mathematically challenging table game experience for all players.

The 50 card deck functions similarly to a standard 52 card deck, which means the new deck is useable in any versions of poker, blackjack, baccarat, and other card games.  The cards are organized into 5 coloured suits that Empire believes is better for both players and the dealer.  The 50 card deck is also certified for use in most casinos by Gaming Laboratories International.

Empire used the new deck as a catalyst to develop innovative new table games that strictly rely on the 50 card deck.  According to the developers, the 50 card deck will reduce the likelihood that players could count cards at blackjack or other games despite holding two fewer cards in the deck.

Empire has yet to launch the deck into the online poker community, but efforts are underway to expedite the process.  Empire promotes the 50 card deck as a viable substitute in Texas Hold’em as well as Omaha, Stud, and Draw poker – both offline and online.

Nicholas Sorge, President of Empire Global Gaming, believes the 50 card deck will become a global phenomenon that becomes the new standard for casinos and players of casual card games.

“I am proud that our team of creative entertainment designers are hard at work perfecting the games that are outlining the future of the gaming industry and the long term value of our presence.” 

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