Could A Lottery Fund Subway Expansion in Toronto?

Doug Ford seems to be grasping at straws when it comes the expansion of Toronto’s subway system. He has suggested that a new lottery take place in order to fund the expansion of the Sheppard subway line; however, the idea has been rejected by local politicians. 

The OLG has also expressed concern about the idea. Its Chairman has stated that hosting a lottery solely to fund to the expansion of a local subway line is not practical. He believes that it will inspire other cities to follow suit, seeking funding for other items – and he doesn’t not believe it is the appropriate course of action. 
Mayor Rob Ford and his brother, Doug, – a local councilor – have been fighting hard to create an expanded subway system. However, it does not seem to be catching on. Most politicians and residents seem to be more in favour of a light-rail system that is just partially underground. 
Since the Fords can’t get funding from the local government, they seem to believe that tapping residents through a lottery would be a suitable plan. The OLG does not agree, and it seems that it will be back to the drawing board for Rob  Ford. 

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