CasinoZone Landmark: 200 000 Users

CasinoZone, one of the largest online casinos on the Facebook Games platform, has reached an important milestone. The social gaming casino has seen 200 000 installations from Facebook users around the world. 

Some Facebook casinos, such as Double Down and Jackpot Joy, see half a million players or more each month, and CasinoZone is quickly catching up. The application attributes its success to its wide range of games. While other Facebook casinos offer a maximum of 50 games, Casino Zone has well over 130 games available to all players. 

“At the present moment we are very pleased with our growth figures as the company is doubling both its player base and revenue monthly,” says Christopher Kape of FlyCow Games, the company which operates CasinoZone. 

However, Mr. Kape has also stated that he would like the company to branch out. While social gaming is a burgeoning online entertainment market, he would like to see the company venture into the real money gaming market. With companies like Zynga taking this leap, smaller operators like FlyCow have been encouraged to do the same. 


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