Calgary Man To Donate Entire $40 Million Lottery Winnings To Charity

A Calgary man is embracing the giving spirit of the holidays by donating money he won by playing the lottery.  Despite the $40 million jackpot being a life-changing prize, Tom Crist remained very humble in regards to his newly acquired wealth.

Crist enjoys playing Lotto Max and Lotto 649, both of which are Canada’s most popular national lotteries.  He is an annual subscriber to the lotteries, and purchases tickets in bulk at the beginning of each year through the Western Canada Lottery Corporation.

Back in May, Crist was in California when the $40 million jackpot was drawn.  While out on a golf course in Palm Springs, Crist received a call that told him he was the winner of the Lotto Max grand prize.

While understandably shocked at winning the prize, Crist told his fellow golfers that the lottery would be put to the back of his mind for the time being, and decided to “deal with it” in time.  It took over six months for Crist to finally claim the prize, which was finally redeemed on Monday December 16.

Crist admits he took his time claiming the prize as he first wanted to arrange his long-term plans with the money.  He set up a family foundation that will donate money to charities he chooses to support, in particular charities involved with cancer.  Crist lost his wife to a battle with cancer nearly two years ago, and he decided to use his lottery winnings to help others avoid going through that loss.

With Crist’s good spirit and millions in donations, charities in Calgary, Alberta, and across all of Canada can look forward to a special holiday gift this season. 

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