Calgary Flooding Closes Elbow River Casino, Drowns Saddledome

The city of Calgary and the surrounding regions are dealing with the worst overland flooding in over a century.  Rapid and rising water flooded through some of the most grandiose establishments within the city, including the Elbow River Casino in the southeast quadrant of the city.

The casino, which includes a Yuk Yuk’s comedy club and a sports bar inside the gaming facility, is closed due to the floodwater.  The Elbow River, located just south of the casino, overflowed from the downpour of rain in the last few days to wash through the streets of the city, forcing businesses to close, and residents to flee their homes.  

In addition to the casino, the Fish Creek Provincial Park, the Calgary Telus Convention Centre, local theatres, and the University of Calgary campus were all forced to close while the city waits for the floodwater to recede from the streets.  The water also flooded into the Saddledome Arena, home of the Calgary Flames and also the principle location of the annual Calgary Stampede, which was scheduled to open on July 5.  Organizers are expected to postpone the event as the city attempts to repair the damages.

According to the President and CEO of the Calgary Flames Ken King, the first ten rows of seats within the arena are “a total loss.”

That means if you were a hockey player walking from the tunnel onto the ice, you would be underwater yourself.  It’s very difficult to describe millions of gallons of water, sitting in that building.”

More rain is expected to hit Calgary before the city can begin its recovery from one of the worst natural disasters in Canadian history.

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