Bwin.Party Enters North American Gambling Market

 While playing at online casinos is legal in Canada, our neighbours to the south are working hard legislate online gambling. Last winter, it was announced that online casino gambling was not technically illegal, so several states have started the process of legislating and regulating the activity. California is one of many states that is dedicated to the cause, as lawmakers want the state to be the first to offer legalized online gambling. 

As such, Bwin.Party seems to have made a good decision when it comes to its new American partner, the United Auburn Indian Community (UAIC). It is a Native-American group based in California, offering Bwin.Party the opportunity to apply for an online gambling license when the activity is regulated. 
While UAIC has is able to apply for the license, Bwin.Party will develop the software. It is the perfect partnership – but Bwin.Party is not the first company to come to this solution. International companies like PlayTech and William Hill have also entered the American online gambling market by partnering up with local brands. 
California has one of the largest populations of land-based and online poker players in the United States. So, the venture could be very profitable for both the UIAC and Bwin.Party. 

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