Bet365 Offers Euro Soccer Bonus In Honour Of Premier League Kickoff

The English Premier League, one of the most popular soccer leagues across the world, kicks off a new season today. The excitement surrounding the Premier League is even noticeable in Canada, where fans and sportsbetting enthusiasts eagerly await the outcomes of the opening matches.

The Premier League is also a popular event at online casinos, many of which are offering special reward packages to celebrate the occasion. Bet365, one of the leading global online gambling companies, is getting in on the Premier League excitement with a special soccer-themed welcome bonus.
In addition to providing a fully operational casino, Bet365 also allows players to bet on crucial sports events. Players will receive a special 100 percent bonus, nicknamed the Euro Soccer Bonus, provided bets are placed on one of the European soccer tournaments kicking off this month. The Premier League is one of the most popular options, but players can also select the European Champions League, the German Bundesliga League, the Spanish Primera Liga, or the Italian Serie A League.
Bet365 asks all players to make their selections prior to the matches. According to terms of the Euro Soccer Bonus, players must make a minimum bet on 3 matches, but can select from any of the leagues currently in play. The bonus will be added to the total amount of money that players win on each of their bets.
Kick into high gear as world class soccer returns to the field for a memorable action-packed season.

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