Alberta Casino is Sold for A Grand Total of $27.9 Million

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Century Casinos Inc announced that they have just locked in a deal to buy out the St. Albert’s Apex Casino that is located in St. Albert, Alberta. This area is considered to be one of the highest quality living areas in Canada, ranking in the top five. Century Casinos Inc paid out a total of $27.9 million for the casino.

The St. Albert’s Apex Casino has a little bit of history over the past 20 years of its operation and hosts a lot of games and activities for those looking to try their luck. It is a 34,500 square foot building with 282 slot machines and many other available facilities including 11 gaming tables and a built-in restaurant.

The Century Casinos Inc branch manager Geoff Smith had a moment to talk with St. Albert Gazette to inform them that negotiations began in the early part of 2016 and the group has finally been able to lock down an agreement. Over the course of the casino’s history, has has been run well and turned a sizable profit.

Since its startup back in 1994, the casino has continued to be a significant part of the community and holds a presence in a beautiful area of Canada. This will be the first casino owned by Century in the northwest part of Edmonton, spreading their reach to other regions of the country.

On top of this, the St. Albert’s Apex casino is built right alongside Canada’s first orbital free flowing road that is beginning to near completion. Along with that, the casino sits in an area with a lot of housing development that will likely lead to a continuing growth of business in the area as more residents take root in the community.

Geoff Smith also spoke about how well the new casino will synergize with their other Edmonton casino. “We believe we’ll be able to get some good synergies of operations and marketing efforts between our two Edmonton-area locations.”

Of course, once the deal is completed it is going to undergo some changes including having its name changed to “Century Casino” to continue with the organization’s brand name. The group plans on keeping the current staff, as they have done a great job with managing the operation. They plan on continuing to grow the casino and build it up, as it is currently one of the smaller casinos in the area but this may be changing in the nearby future.

Not only does the Century Casinos Inc hold many operations based in Canada, but they hold casinos in the United States, Poland, and the Caribbean. The group was founded back in 1992 and markets themselves as an international casino entertainment company. Not only do they own many land-based casinos across the globe, but this casino group also has casinos based on 11 various cruise ships to take their gambling adventures to the high seas.