Ontario Launches Online Gambling Website

The reworking of online gambling laws has not only taken place in Europe and the United States; governments for countries all over the world are looking for ways to capitalize on the profitable opportunities that the industry provides.

Several Canadian provinces have made the choice to offer state-run online gambling websites, but now Ontario – the most populated province – is following the trend.

It was announced Tuesday that Ontario would be the next province to offer gambling online to residents. The province’s government estimates that $400 million is spent every year on online gambling at offshore websites, and wants earn at least a portion of that market share.

Previously, the government supported banning the activity, stating that online gambling operators preyed on vulnerable people. But, that attitude quickly changed, as Finance Minister Dwight Duncan discovered that prohibition doesn’t work.

The new website is expected to be launched in 2012, but very few other details have been revealed. One can be certain, however, that Ontario will learn from British Columbia’s mistakes. Rather than designing and programming the site on its own, the government must consider the option of enlisting in the help of the Kahnawake Gaming Commission or another experienced online gambling operator. The last thing the province needs is yet another scandal initiated by the Ontario Gaming and Lottery Corporation.

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