Dawn of the bread

Dawn of the Bread is a scratch card styled game. Players will see nine freshly baked pieces of bread. Players will have to scratch each one (manually or automatically) in order to reveal what lies beneath. Players will find eyes, brains, spiders and other stuff underneath them. Players will have to match three different icons to get paid according to the paytable on the left.

Who could have thought that dough can be that scary, if you do not understand what this means, then you have not tried this Microgaming scratch card game. This game, Dawn of the Bread will take you into the kitchen of a scary zombie chef. Since he is an undead, all of what he is baking is as equally scary and horrifying as he is.

Players will see the chef on the right size next to a kitchen table. In the middle of the screen, they will see his furnace where he bakes his food. In this furnace, players will see three shelves and on these shelves, there are 9 pieces of cupcakes getting baked, there are three of them on each shelf.

Before players can start clicking on these cupcakes, they will have to click on New Card after they specify their stake. This take is specified at the bottom, as players will go through the available wagers. These wagers include 0.5, 1, 2, 3, 5 and 10 credits for each game.

After they choose the stake and begin the game, they will start clicking on the cupcakes, in the same concept of a scratch card game, in order to reveal the symbols that are hidden underneath them. Players who manage to get three matching symbols will earn a payout that depends on the matched symbol as well as their set stake.

The paytable of the game is found on the left side and it shows the different symbols that players will find in the oven. These symbols include a bug, an eye, a mouse, teeth and a heart. The highest payouts that can be given out to players is equal x10000 their wager and it is paid when players get 3x eye symbols in the oven.