Full Tilt Poker Acquisition Approved By American Department of Justice

 It has been a long time coming, but Full Tilt Poker is finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. It has recently been announced that the American Department of Justice has approved an acquisition deal that will allow Groupe Bernard Tapie to take over FTP and repay all of the online poker site’s American players. 

Before the deal as officially confirmed, CNN.com published the scoop. Within minutes, however, the story was pulled from the website – and only rumours of the deal remained. Now, the news has finally been confirmed, as Full Tilt Poker has released a statement verifying the details. 

In the statement, Full Tilt Poker announces that the DoJ has indeed approved the acquisition of the company by Groupe Bernard Tapie. As part of the deal, GBT will be able to refund Full Tilt Poker’s American players, most of whom have been waiting to withdraw their money since the website was implicated in the Black Friday scandal in April. 

Full Tilt Poker is pleased with the acquisition, as the website’s owners insist that refunding American players was their top priority the whole time. For a while, however, it seemed that players would never see their money again, prompting four separate class-action lawsuits to be filed. 

Now, Full Tilt Poker can work towards bringing things back to the way they were before. With the help of Groupe Bernard Tapie, FTP may be able to reclaim its spot as one of the top online poker websites. 


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