European Union Report on Online Gambling Drafted

Across Europe, there is very little cohesion over online gambling laws and regulations. Currently, every country in the European Union has a different a idea about how to handle online gambling regulation and legislation. The EU seeks to unify member states on the topic and a recently released report by Commission Michel Barnier presents solutions.

The report, which is 48 pages long, covers a wide range of issues that are important to online casino operators and governments regulating online gambling. It covers such topics as player safety, fraud prevention, financial transactions and marketing.

While the draft report seeks to improve the overall online gambling industry across Europe, Barnier’s document has been met with some resistance. The Remote Gaming Association speaks on belhalf of private online gambling operators in Europe, and states that the draft report presents no new solutions to issues presented.

However, Right2Bet, an organization which lobbies for online gambling legislation, believes that the report will encourage discussion on these important issues which is imperative to the process of unifying the industry.

Those who have seen the document will be required to make suggestions and comments by January 21st. After this, the process can continue as the European Union continues to unite the online gambling industry across all member states.

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