Zynga Considers Online Gambling

 The online gambling market is developing at a remarkable rate. As more countries regulate the activity, more players are becoming attracted to the idea of playing casino games online. It has proven to be quite a profitable venture for a wide range of gaming developers, and now one of the biggest players in the game is considering hopping on board. 

Zynga, the biggest social games developer in the world, has recently stated that it could be interested in online gambling. According to a report in Forbes, Zynga has announced that it finds the prospect of online gambling ‘interesting’, claiming it is in an ideal position to enter the market. 
“I think we’re in a very good position and [online gambling] is a category that’s interesting to us.”
Zynga already provides online poker to millions of Facebook users, and has recently launched a new online bingo application. Slingo, part of Zynga’s new Casino line of games, is an indication that the company is preparing itself for entry into the online gambling market. 
Having existing social gaming applications gives Zynga a heads up in the online gambling market. If  and when the company launches it online casino games, its existing Zynga Poker and Slingo fanbases are likely the jump at the chance to play casino games online. 

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