Will Canada Return The Law To The Gambling Industry?

Canada Gambling Inspector

Canada’s gambling/betting world is going through some rocky times. Sure, the country had some troubles in the past, particularly with the cases of casino-related money laundering in the British Columbia region. Then it all went quiet, up until just recently, when a gaming inspector got fired for obtaining doing his job!

Canada is reasonably liberal when it comes to gambling and betting. Its citizens can gamble off and online. They can also bet on sports, as well as play lotteries and bingos. Those who are passionate about horse racing can bet online as well as on hippodromes.

British Columbia lays on the north side of Canada, with roughly 4.8 million residents. According to some research, there are 16 casinos in BC, which generate approximately $ 600 yearly, Together with other industries, Canada makes roughly $1 billion from betting, gambling and gaming.

The hero of this story has more than 50 years of experience as law enforcement and has been working, at the time of his discharge working for the Canadian Gaming and Policy Inspection unit. He was unexpectedly fired in 2014 when he choose not to ignore irregularities he noticed at the casino.

Eventually, he concluded that the casino was laundering money, mostly for Asian customers. What’s worse, he concluded that the money was both blood and drug money, belonging to China’s notorious gangs.
As his case attracted more and more attention, news about inspectors “coziness” started floating around. Presumably, inspectors became too friendly with the casinos, and either forgot or chose not to report irregularities.

When news went on national tv, the government reacted. They analyzed the situation and put out the report. In the report, the government pointed out several issues:

• They followed up with the investigation, which led to the arrest of casino members
• The government vindicated the inspector, as well as other members of his team
• The Canadian government also started a new operation, which included the formation of the new agency
• The new regulation led to many relocations and reassignments of inspectors/regulators

Recent reports suggest that the freshly assembled enforcement task forces are doing an efficient job. Moreover, some investigations led to the arrests of mentioned Asian gang member. Investiogon report suggests that the criminals were bringing the money in Canada through the Seattle airport.

And perhaps most importantly, the investigations led to the arrests of several drug dealers, who intended to launder the drug money through the casino.

Remember, Canada is tightening its regulation laws. In Canada, every occasion, off or online needs to apply for a provincial gaming/gambling license. According to recent studies, there are more than 1500 off-shore websites, all of which are trying to avoid paying Canadian taxes.

British Columbia was the first province (together with the Manitoba) to establish an online gambling website, back in 2004. However, when they condited a survey, it showed that only 2.3% of players were using the website. What’s worse, Manitoba research showed that Canadians frequently chose illegal betting sites, spending more than $37 million on illegal gambling market.