Wager Works to Release More Mobile Casino Games

In the world of online gambling, there are several leaders in terms of software development. Companies like Micrograming and Playtech have stayed ahead of the game by staying up to date with the technological demands of society. The most recent demand has been mobile gambling, and the two companies jumped on the bandwagon quickly, offering a wide range of games for play on a several different mobile devices.

Now, Wager Works has announced that it will be expanding its place the mobile gambling industry, with a new merger with Million-2-1 a mobile gaming specialist based in the UK. Together, the two companies aim to take over a market share of the already booming mobile gambling market.

“As technology advances and markets evolve, we look forward to accelerating our product innovation and significantly growing our interactive business”, says Gideon Bierer, VP of Interactive Game Technology, the company that owns Wager Works.

Wager Works has already released a few mobile games, but the new merger will see a huge expansion of the company’s mobile division. It won’t be long before Microgaming and PlayTech have a new worthy competitor in the mobile casino industry.

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