The Wynn Paradise Park Project Builds Up Enthusiasm

Wynn Paradise Park

Wynn ResortsSteve Wynn was once a huge name in Atlantic City before deciding to move out west. His endeavors in Las Vegas did turn out to be hugely successful. Wynn Resorts Ltd. owns and incredible array of properties and businesses. The golf course near his Las Vegas resorts is reflective of his successful projects. Recent news indicates the golf course is about to go through a major transformation. The golf course will be at the heart of a new development project that surely will turn heads.

The new development is going to be an incredibly expansive one. “Expansive” may even be a true understatement in terms of how to describe it. A massive 1,000-room hotel tower, a mini casino, and a massive lagoon attraction are all going to be part of the mix.

The golf course sits on top of 130 acres and is soon to become the new home to Wynn Paradise Park. The old phrase “a paradise in the desert” has been applied many times to the city of Las Vegas. Wynn’s new endeavor could be referred to as a paradise within a paradise.

For some time, there were concerns that Las Vegas and the state of Nevada had seen better days. Tourism was down and the real estate market was not exactly doing tremendously well. Those who spread dour news about the Las Vegas gambling industry being on the way down are really not being honest in their approach. The truth is, as long as there is a compelling reason to visit, people will visit. After all, Las Vegas does draw in people from around the world. Hence, Las Vegas is in competition with the entire world.

Steve Wynn’s new expansion project definitely gives people thinking about taking a vacation to Las Vegas a serious reason to actually do so. Representatives of Wynn’s organization have noted the new development will be “just like Disney”. No, the development is not going to be as huge as any of Disney’s major theme parks. A project of that nature would be in the hundreds of billions. The project would also require purchasing up far more land that what the golf course houses.

Invoking the Disney name has a subtext to it. Disney is known for being a family environment with a lot of things for all members of the family to do. The Wynn Paradise Park project is focusing on a number of active hobbies and pursuits, which is going to be helpful when trying to draw in families. Dining and gaming is fine to a point, but families are going to want to do more. Wynn Paradise Park hopes to deliver on all those more things to do. Based on what has been revealed so far, the project is sure to deliver on all expectations.

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