The Purpose of RNG in Online Casino Games

RNG Online Casinos

Ever wonder about the science behind online casino games and what makes their outcomes both fair and random?

The computer systems responsible for powering the online games use what is known as a random number generator to produce a fair outcome that can not be predicted before the game is played.

You’re familiar with the basics of how random number generators work if you’ve ever flipped a coin or rolled a pair of dice in the physical world, In the virtual world, Random number generators aren’t exactly new. They are used in computer simulations, by statisticians and even cryptographers to produce random outcomes.

In online casino games, random number generators are programmed into the operating software for online games of slots, blackjack, roulette and every other game of chance that can be found on the internet. They ensure the fairness of the game and can not be tampered with by either players or the online casino itself.

Most online casinos use what is known as a pseudorandom number generator or PNRG to keep their games fair. PRNGs are less costly and just as effective as RNGs. But, because PNGs use a set algorithm they can not be described as 100 percent random but are virtually impossible to crack. They draw on millions of numerical sequences so it is almost impossible to figure out which number would come next.

All online casinos use RNGs, with the exception of dealer games that are live. Live games use real people who act as dealers and croupiers during a livestream game.

Literally dozens of independent testing agencies have formed over the past 20 or so years that monitor online casinos to ensure that their games are fair and the outcomes random. One of these companies is iTech Labs. Only after iTech Labs has given its seal of approval to an online casino can it be licensed by such agencies as the Malta Gaming Authority or the Kahnawake Gaming Commission.

Online casinos that have been vetted will always display their RNG credentials on the homepage of their website for all to see. If you are unsure about the validity of a casino website’s RNG credentials, a simple internet search will provide you with further information. Sites with online casino reviews also make it easy for both novice and experienced online gamers to determine which game sites are legitimate and which are not.

Here’s another tip before you decide to begin playing an online casino game: Be sure to read the online player reviews in addition to the site’s terms and conditions so you can be secure in the knowledge that the game is both fair and random before you begin playing.