Sweden to Revamp Gambling Laws

 Many countries across Europe currently have gambling monopolies in place, but several are looking at the option of disbanding them. One such country is Sweden, which is now considering the option of disbanding its current gambling monopoly Svenska Spel.

A spokesperson for the ruling political party told a local newspaper that politicians in the country believe that liberalizing the Swedish online gambling market would be a more suitable option that upholding Sweden’s monopoly. By liberalizing the market, companies from outside of the country would be able to apply for licenses in order to operate within Sweden.

The change of heart comes shortly after the European Commission warned Sweden’s political leaders about the monopoly. The European Union and the European Commission feel monopolies violate their current regulations supporting free trade, they restrict companies from other members states from operating within particular countries.

The ruling party also believes that liberalizing the market would provide the country with more revenue to for public programs. Rather than only using taxes from the monopoly, the government would be able to tax all operators that offer their services in the country, contributing more money to education, health care and other government programs.

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