Strange Nonpayment Case Arises Out of an Ireland Casino


albertacasinohoursEveryone wants to be a big winner at the desired gambling game. Even just winning is a good thing. A gambler takes a risk when wagering his or her money at a table or slot machine or when playing with a sportsbook. In Ireland, one gambler got the worst news of all. Sayed Mirwais was denied his winnings from an automated roulette game. The winnings were not exactly minuscule. The D1 Casino chose not to pay the €11,713 Mirwais won on a roulette machine.

Filing a lawsuit is not the same thing as winning. The court did not rule in Mr. Mirwais’ favor.

The casino made claims about the legitimacy of the wins and whether or not the roulette game was operating without any programming or mechanical problems. Mirwais stated the casino allowed him to continue playing and even informed him to play more after receiving €2,500 in cash and €5,000 in chips.

Mirwais stated in the suit that the casino had committed an unfair commercial practice. The reasoning here is the casino did not stop him from playing and then chose not to pay him.

Even though the casino was suspicious about Mirwais’ win, the fact he was allowed to keep playing seems odd. Regardless, the courts did not find things in the favor of Mirwais. The judge in the case stated, per the law in Ireland, the casino can deny payment since the gambler is not legally entitled to the money.

This type of ruling could scare off a host of potential customers wondering about placing wagers in casinos in Ireland. People who place wagers want to win. They definitely do not wish to lose money. Ironically, the previous day, Mirwais had lost a significant amount of money. The €11,713 offset the previous losses and he came out ahead by only €2,000 or so. The legal decision changes all this and the previous €9,000 in losses remain.

Now, it is doubtful that casinos in Ireland are going to make nonpayment decisions routine operating procedure. Doing so would eventually destroy all faith in Irish casinos.

Many people who wish to travel to Ireland to wager could always go elsewhere. If the casinos end up getting a bad name, then going elsewhere is likely what a number of gamblers and tourists are going to do.

The casino industry understands there may be fallout from such a court decision. Likely, refusals to pay are only going to be done sparingly.