What are the speculated impacts of sports betting on online poker in the US?

Sports betting has been one of the hottest topics of discussion in the US. However, the debate is still expected to be on through the oral argument that is set to take place between Christie and NCAA to a couple of months when the Supreme Court of the United States will give its verdict of the future of the New Jersey.

As a gambling company, New Jersey has resolved to seek the court’s decision on whether the sports betting should be legalized alongside online poker games in the US. The court’s determination would be the success or loss on the side of this gambling company.

The expected scenarios for the New Jersey after the court’s decision

Supposing that the Supreme Court of the United States grants the request of the New Jersey, the legalization on the sports betting (that had previously taken place in some states) would be uniform in the US. Similarly, the states like Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, and Mississippi would feel part of the process since they had passed the law earlier. Sports betting has taken over in most parts of the world, Europe is in the lead.

European sports betting and online poker

As the New Jersey awaits the verdict in the spring of 2018, the European gambling status would ultimately be the replica in the US. For instance, most of the poker rooms in Europe are reported to be full of sports bettors. This is a situation that has also been reported in the US. However, because sports betting is not legalized in the US, they are just would-be sports bettors. Similarly, some gambling analyst has also argued that the skills that the pokers use would equally help them in playing other online games including the sports betting.

How does sports betting relate to online poker

The sports and bet analysts, Krejcik and Eilers, estimate the value of the European online gaming to be €14.3 billion with sports betting having approximately 40%. Statistically, the components of gambling value would be broken down as follows:

• Casino has an estimated value of €6.5 billion
• Sports about €5.8 billion
• Bingo and others €1.1 billion
• Poker at €900

These statistics show that sports betting and online poker would be substantially dependent on each other. In fact, they would not only complement each other but also thrive together since their players are always the same.

The looming challenge to the current poker companies

Based on the history of the Star Group (parent of the Poker Star) in sports betting and online poker betting, the challenge that Jersey’s competitors will have to face are related to promotion of their games. Most individuals prefer sports gambling as opposed to the poker betting in most parts of the world. However, the pioneers in these betting skills in Europe posit that the duo always thrives interdependently.

The pending court case will be a great breakthrough in the life of Jersey since it would be of significant gain would the Supreme Court legalize sports betting.