SBTech Sports Betting Platform Rolls Out New In-Play Live Streaming and Cash Out Features

SB Tech

SB TechBulgaria-based SBTech Global Limited, a global sports betting solutions and gaming provider, licensed by the UK and Gibraltar Gaming Commissions, has announced that it will be adding live streaming and cash out services to its in-play betting channel by the third quarter of this year.

Aimed at helping their partner operators gain edge over their close competitors, the cashout feature allows in-play betting customers to sell back their wagers to betting operators; whilst, having access to live stream coverage of different sporting events occurring in real time in different parts of the world.

The Chief Executive Officer of SBTech, Itai Zak, said that in following via live streaming the real time sports matches as they happen, the cashout feature enables customers to adjust their betting strategy based on the most recent developments. Having the ability to do so not only promotes wider outreach but also increases lifetime value, since those features will likely boost the confidence of betting customers.

Mr. Zak remarked that bettors have different requirements when participating in the vibrant world of live betting. That is why they are giving sports betting operators additional options that could likely work best for their customers. He added that they are committed to their goal of creating systems that could bring the best in-play betting experience, in order to stay a step ahead in the industry. According to the SBTech CEO, the addition of the new cash out and in-play live streaming features demonstrates SB Tech’s dedication to innovation.

About SBTech’s Sports Betting Solutions

SBTech offers a suite of highly flexible sportsbetting solutions to both startup and established sportsbook or gaming site operators. The UK-licensed sportsbetting firm customises solutions according to the needs of the operator. Whether the need is to reduce operational costs of running a sportsbetting facility or to add sportsbook contents as additional offering, SBTech offers a broad range of customisation options.

The SBTech sportsbetting package comprises more than 60,000 one-of-a-kind sporting events per month for more than 30 sports categories, of which 150 plus are soccer leagues. The betting offerings can be adjusted in accordance with an operator’s demands, including coverage for live betting based on operators’ target geographical locations.

SBTech has more than 1,000 types of live betting coverage on over 30 kinds of sports, including a diverse range of special in-play bets for more than 18,000 live events every month. In order to give live betting players the ability to monitor and analyse movements in all markets offered, and capability to react swiftly and effectively to the latest developments in any sporting event, SBTech developed risk-calculation tools that punters could use in real time.

SBTech’s roster of partner operators includes World Boxing Champ Evander Hollyfield, who launched his Real Deal Bet sports betting and gaming website last June 2015. According to the 5-time World Heavyweight boxing champion, fondly called Real Deal by his fans, they chose SBTech because of the firm’s innovative online and mobile sports betting solutions and ground-breaking in-play betting platform.