Road to 100 Billion Hands at PokerStars

This week, PokerStars started the 80 Billion Celebration on the Road to 100 Billion Hands promotion. Everyone millionth hand starting at 79 700 000 000, Poker Stars will be handing out impressive prizes to all players involved in the each milestone hand. So far, thousands of dollars have been awarded to lucky players at PokerStars and there are still plenty of amazing prizes to be won. 

Players who take part in the 80 billion hand will win at least $20 000. For this payout, all players involved will receive a prize totalling their VPPs multiplied by $1000 while the winner of the hand will have their prize doubled. In the meantime, players in every millionth hand will receive a cash prize totalling their number of VPPs multiplied by $60. The winner of that hand will have their prize doubled. 
To increase your chances of winning, PokerStars encourages players to multitable. The more tables you’re playing at, the higher your chances of taking part in the winning hand. To capitalize on the opportunity, PokerStars also recommends staying at each table for a while and taking part in more pots. This will increase the amount of VPPs that you earn, so you can make more if you do take part in a milestone hand. 

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