Rafael Nadal Featured in PokerStars Ad

Tennis superstar Rafael Nadal recently joined Team Poker Stars, and the online poker operator has wasted no time in getting the world out there. Nadal has recently shot an advertisement for the company, letting the general public know about the company’s mobile poker application and his partnership with PokerStars.
The advertisement shows Nadal walking through the streets of Barcelona while playing PokerStars on his mobile phone. A group begins to follow him, and grows as he continues on his journey. He stops at a corner and the crowd waits quietly as he goes all in on a hand. After a successful shove, the crowd of hundreds cheers for the player.
The new television ad is a great way for PokerStars to let everyone know about Nadal’s poker goals. The tennis star has yet to win a poker tournament, and he is looking for help from the PokerStars Community. The recent Help Rafa competition saw PokerStars players recording creative advice videos for the star, helping him along his path to greatness in the poker world, and there are a number of ways players can show their support.
Players can also rail Rafael Nadal online. Simply search for Rafa Nadal while playing on PokerStars, and you can check out his progress. If you think you have what it takes, you can even compete with him, teaching him a lesson of your own.

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