Playtech Just Launched Tiki Paradise Slot Machine

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tiki paradise slot logoPlaytech recently posted a video on its YouTube channel announcing its new upcoming releases for 2016. Notably among them is Tiki Paradise, a Polynesian inspired video slot that may well represent a watershed moment for video slot development in general, and for Playtech in specific.

Tiki Paradise will be a test vehicle for Playtech’s omni-channel platform, Playtech One. For those not in the know, omni-channel is a new term in the online casino industry that refers to platforms that allow players to access their favorite games and casinos on any device, using the same password and wallet.

Many developers have shifted towards producing games that can be played on any device, with touchscreen-optimized interfaces and HTML5 development, but omni-channel goes beyond that.

It’s not only a matter of getting the game to play on your cellphone with little modification, it’s about delivering the same casino experience on your desktop to your mobile. If Tiki Paradise proves successful enough, we predict that Playtech One features will become standard to all of Playtech’s new games.

What We Love

There isn’t much info out there yet on Tiki Paradise, so we don’t have that much to be excited about (yet). However, from what we could glimpse from the YouTube announcement video, there are a number of things that are making us eager to get our hands on this new slot machine.

First of all is the design. Tiki Paradise is not your typical explosion of colors and flowers that you see in most games taking inspiration from Polynesian culture. In fact, Tiki Paradise looks positively sober and serious in comparison. The predominant design element here is wood, making the game look very rustic and nature-like.

This is not to say that there is no color in it, au contraire, there are enough dashes and touches of color to firmly anchor Tiki Paradise in the tropical island feel.

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Think more torchlight dinner on the beach than afternoon pool party with Pina Coladas. The overall feel ends up being both mature and festive, which is something we really appreciate when we compare it with the silly cartoonish design of many virtual slot machines out there.

The control interface is something that intrigues us very much, but our best hypothesis makes us very much excited about it. You see, we didn’t see any of the usual Playtech user interface elements in the announcement footage. Playtech is well-known for having a cookie-cutter control layout in all its games, with only minor cosmetic variations.

These are all absent in Tiki Paradise, so our guess is that Playtech is experimenting with a touchscreen-optimized control scheme, to fit the Playtech One concept better. We’re all in favor of simplified and decluttered interfaces, so this makes us very excited.

What We Do Not Like

There’s nothing we do not like about the game itself, or at least nothing from what little we’ve seen. However, one small fact worries us.

There have been reports that a trademark application by Playtech for “Tiki Paradise” before the OAMI (the EU’s trademark office) is being opposed. Depending on how this plays out, Tiki Paradise could end up being delayed, or heavily modified. We do hope this gets resolved fairly and satisfactorily.

Worth Playing?

We have little information to cast a definitive verdict, but we are very excited about Tiki Paradise. This game could be the beginning of a new era in online gambling, effectively a historic landmark in the business.

The trend is going towards mobile devices, both cellphones and tablets, and omni-channel will probably end up being the new normal a few years down the line. We are looking forward to try out this quite possibly historic title.

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