Playtech Coming to Mexico City

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Although gambling has taken place in Mexico City for several years, the industry remained illegal in the country until 2004, when the 1947 gambling laws were reversed to allow for gambling activities to take place. Due to the changing laws, Mexico City has seen an increase in economic growth within the gambling industry. Even with strict regulations, the legalization of licensed casinos has brought in several investors with the casinos being owned and operated by private companies, even with the limitations of who can obtain a casino license. These casinos are commensurable to the large casinos seen in Las Vegas.

With the increase in the gambling industry within Mexico City a movement has now been formed to legalize online gambling in Mexico. Currently, no laws are in place to protect the people that use them, as they are still not legal within the country. Due to the increasing demand within the industry several the people believe it is time for change within their community and online casinos are expected to be legalized in the near future.

Playtech, a well-known online gambling software company has noticed the business opportunity inside Mexico and is planning to get ahead of the industry and take action now. Trying to get ahead of the market industry, Playtech has signed a deal with Corporacion Caliente, a Codere company. Playtech’s self-service betting terminals will be presented all throughout Mexico.

Cordere, a gambling company, is centered in Spain already has a confirmed agreement with NetENT and plans to expand their associations with the top software developers in the gaming industry. Having Playtech involved with their self-service betting terminals, will play a huge part in relationship development in retail locations as well as online interfaces. These machines are expected to be seen within Mexican casinos in the succeeding months.

Playtech is expected to have continued growth and development with expansions in Latin America and throughout Europe. Over a year’s time, the company has brought forty thousand live terminals across the globe. The betting points increased by almost fifty percent. By taking an early approach and expanding in the growing industry, the company expects to see positive results. Each deal that has been signed is bringing in more income to Mexico and helping the country see a rise in economic growth. The industry is attracting more and more investors and leading to a stable economy. As the economy has grown already, more people have the money to spend on gambling.