Nova Star Ferry And Casino Travels Between Yarmouth And Portland

The long awaited Nova Star ferry is back up and running to help improve tourism in Eastern Canada.  The ferry is set into port at the city of Yarmouth, and sails between the Nova Scotia city and Portland in Maine.

The Nova Star is a 161 metre ship that was built overseas in Singapore, and arrived in Yarmouth earlier this week.  Tourism experts calculated the route between Nova Scotia and Maine will last approximately 10 hours, but the ship has been met with critical acclaim by these experts.

The Nova Star car carry over 1,200 passengers at capacity, while able to shuttle up to 220 passengers vehicles between the two ports.  The ferry includes sleeping cabins that are designed using sketches that remind travellers of the sea, along with dining halls, pubs, an art gallery – and even a casino.

The casino is part of a plan for expansion across Canada by Century Casinos, an organization with gaming facilities all across the country.  The Nova Star casino will be added onto the ferry upon its arrival in Portland, which will install slots and other casino table games onboard the ship.

The provincial government is investing $21 million over the next seven years into the Nova Star ferry line to help return tourism to the region since the departure of the Cat ferry in 2009.  Mark Amundsen, President and CEO of Nova Star Cruises, believes the ferry will help bring American tourists back to Nova Scotia.

β€œTheir vacation will begin when they get on the Nova Star and when they get to Nova Scotia; it’s going to be a continuation of their vacation.”

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