New York Casino Approved For Poker Tournaments

Poker lovers tend to stay tuned to news involving different gaming and gambling commissions, because the growth of their favorite game sometimes hinges upon these law changes. Rivers Casino, located in the Schenectady area, has jumped into the fray, because they are going to begin hosting poker tournaments next month. By understanding the ramifications of this matter, people are able to remain in the loop, learn where the growth of poker is headed and sign up for tournaments that suit them. To learn a little bit more about these tournaments and what this means for New York poker players, read on.

What does this mean for Rivers Casino Poker?

Starting in April, people can expect an uptick in gaming, due to the fact that daily Vegas style poker tournaments will be held in Rivers Casino. The New York Gaming commission has signed off on this matter, and the casino will begin in earnest very soon. This is big news, because Rivers Casino has only been open for a few weeks. This change sends the message that they are emerging as a big supporter of poker, and people who enjoy it will be able to regularly drop by the casino to take advantage of Hold Em tournaments.

Rivers Casino features a poker room that consists of 15 different tables. New York’s poker scene is growing by leaps and bounds, due to the fact that within the last quarter or so, there have been close to 40 poker tables added to the market, in areas everywhere from Schenectady County to Sullivan County. Next year, Montreign Casino is planning to host a 16 table poker room, which will only add to these offerings.

The state of New York is also in the middle of considering whether or not they will allow online poker. The acceptance and allowance of online poker will revolutionize the game for New Yorkers and truly open up more opportunities for tournaments and casual play for cash games. Because of this, poker players should remain attuned to these changes and support them whenever possible.

What do these changes mean for poker players?

Whether a person lives in one of these counties where a casino is located, or plan to make the trip from New York City for a weekend poker tournament, there are plenty of opportunities available now, which will only grow as years go on. The acceptance of these poker rooms is just the beginning, which is something truly exciting for people in New York who love the game and want to get better at it.

The best way to become better at poker is to play against people who are already really good. The best players will be found at tables in live casinos — especially when tournaments and cash winnings are on the line in the form of a tournament. These changes are very healthy for poker as a whole, particularly for poker players in the New York area. Consider these points and stay tuned to poker news as it develops.