New Facebook App from PKR

The Facebook Games market is becoming increasingly popular for online casino operators. Despite offering players free-play games, the platform provides operators with a great deal of ad revenue and exposure. So, it is a worthwhile opportunity to get involved in the market while it is unsaturated by gambling applications. Following in the footsteps of Jackpot Joy and PlayTech, PKR is the next online gambling operator to launch a Facebook application: a fantasy poker league. 

It is not a simple poker room or game application. PKR’s Poker League provides players with the chance to manage their own teams during the WSOP. Players are given $100 million to spend, allowing them to choose from a pool of 180 of the best players in the poker world. Each player competes in a selection of 59 bracelet events, and the manager is awarded points based on their performance. 

As an added bonus, aside from bragging rights among your friends, the player with the highest score will receive an iPad 2. All runner-ups will receive high-quality chip sets from a leading manufacturer. This is quite a unique offering, as most Facebook Games do not provide tangible prizes for their players. 

According to Dan Grant, the community manager for PKR, he believes that poker deserves its own fantasy sports league. Every other sport in the world has its own, and the creative team at PKR believe that it is about time that poker joins the ranks of football, basketball and baseball by giving players the chance to manage their own personal roster of poker players in a worldwide event. 

PKR currently offers a wide range of online poker games, but this is the company’s first foray into the world of Facebook Games. It is likely that PKR will continue to set the trend of online gambling operators, showing them how beneficial it is to get involved in the social gaming market. 


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