Municipalities Must Hold Referendums On GTA Casino

Ontario residents have reacted adversely to the news that the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation has plans to build a casino in the Greater Toronto Area. Rather than being excited about the possibility of a new casino being built in town, residents within the GTA and other areas across the province are not pleased. 

Some citizens have requested that a referendum be held in order to determine just how much support there is for the new GTA casino. However, Premier Dalton McGuinty will not be the one to launch it. He states that it is not up to the provincial government to do so; instead, municipal councils are responsible for that. 

McGuinty has been in the hot seat lately, after the OLG announced its plans to expand gambling services in Ontario. The Premier previously stated that he would not allow for gambling expansion in the province, and critics have pointed out his hypocrisy. 

Regardless, the provincial government seems very supportive of the OLG’s plans to expand gambling in Ontario. So, it seems that it will be up to municipal governments to stop them from going forward. 


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