More Opposition to New Toronto Casino

While the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation is very gung-ho about the idea of opening a new casino within the GTA, but not all areas of the government are thrilled with the idea. OPSEU (Ontario Public Service Employees Union) has demanded that Dalton McGuinty confirm or deny rumours that the new casino will be built on Ontario Place’s former grounds. 

The union has been left in the dark throughout the planning process, despite the huge impact that the new casino will have on its members. While the OLG believes that the new casino will have a positive impact on employment rates in the city, OPSEU feels very differently.

"It’s up to the public to decide what happens to it,” says Warren Thomas, president of PSEU. “And the truth is that 70 per cent of respondents on the issue do not want it to turn into a casino”. 

According to the union, Ontario Place is a public space – and the OLG is making plans to build there secretly. OPSEU believes that the OLG and the Premier should consult Toronto residents and politicians about their plans to build a casino on the former grounds of Ontario Place. 



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