Massachusetts Discusses Online Gambling At Boston Think Tank

When New Jersey officially legalized online gambling last November, it was the final chapter in a long and complicated story of a government adapting to the modern world.  The official launch of the Garden State’s online casinos was a monumental breakthrough, one with repercussions across other states, as well as internationally in Canada and elsewhere.

One of those states is Massachusetts, which is considering its own adaption to modern gambling.  The Bay State held a discussion forum inside the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center earlier this week, and the topic of online gambling was one of the most debated points at the conference.

The online gambling proposal was heavily promoted by several representatives, including the Chairman of Massachusetts’ Gaming Commission, the state treasurer, and Senator Stanley Rosenberg – who drafted the state’s original casino laws.

Rosenberg made the argument that people do access online gambling domains despite federal laws banning the practice.  When people gamble offshore, that money is lost to the Massachusetts economy, and Rosenberg says the state must consider remedying that fact.

We’re just at the early stages of trying to understand how this actually works, and given that you can organize businesses inside the commonwealth, within the country, and internationally and set them up online, so we need to figure out how that all works.

Gaming Commission Chairman Stephen Crosby agreed that Massachusetts should consider legalizing online gambling, but says the state must first provide casino licenses to offline gambling entertainment centres.  The state is in the process of approving two licenses before summer, and a potential third license is also in the pipeline.

Representatives from New Jersey as well as Nevada and Delaware – the other states with legalized online gambling, also attended the Boston forum.  The venue was the first step for Massachusetts to potentially become the fourth state with legalized online gambling – would you bet on that happening?

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