Macau’s Galaxy Entertainment Warns Online Casinos Using Galaxy Trade Name

Hong Kong-based Galaxy Entertainment Group Limited (GEG), with subsidiaries that operate casinos, hotels, and other entertainment facilities in Macau, released a warning statement to unauthorised online casinos illegally using the Macau Galaxy Entertainment trade name, trademark, photo images of GEG’s hotel and resort properties, as well as customer service hotlines.

Inasmuch as the unauthorised use intends to mislead the members of the public into believing that the online casinos are affiliated with GEG, the firm warns it would take legal action against the operators infringing on GEG’s corporate identity and taking unlawful advantage of the Galaxy Entertainment trade name.

The statement issued last Wednesday named , “Galaxy Entertainment City,” “Galaxy Macau Casino,” and “Macau Galaxy Entertainment City” as among several of the websites at fault. GEG made it clear to the public that the firm, including its subsidiaries Galaxy Macau™ and Star World Macau Hotel has no connection whatsoever with any of the unauthorised online gambling and betting sites. In fact, the HK Company has not granted authorisation to any site nor any related companies regarding any form of gambling or betting online for or on behalf of the group.” 

Moreover, GEG issued the following guidelines in helping online customers identify spurious sites, in the event that they are redirected to one:

  • A fraudulent website assumes similar look to those belonging to Galaxy Macau™ and StarWorld Macau Hotel, but will likely trick customers with offers that require divulging personal information. GEG gives advice not to follow any instructions but instead leave the site immediately, as well as report the incident to the company.
  • As a matter of policy, “Galaxy Macau™ and StarWorld Macau Hotel do not make uncalled-for requests for personal information via e-mail or on the telephone, not unless it is the customer who initiated the contact. Likewise, those who encounter such unusual requests are advised to report the matter to the Galaxy Entertainment Group.

The HK-based company will take action after evaluating a reported incident and after confirming that the online site in question is a fraudulent website. The Group also maintains that it shall not be responsible for any losses or damages that could result from accessing as well as transacting with the operators of the counterfeit Internet betting sites.          

GEG is the third company that has issued warnings against the unscrupulous use of Macau-based entertainment and gambling properties. In March 2013, SJM Holdings Limited or Sociedade de Jogos de Macau (SJM) published similar warnings about unauthorized websites claiming sponsorship association with SJM in launching competitions and prize draws. Customers were enticed to join the promo by registering with websites unlawfully bearing the trade name of casinos operated by SJM and SJM Holdings Limited itself.

Last June, Sheldon Adelson’s Las Vegas Sands (LVS) announced that the casino company is pursuing infringement suits against 35 Chinese-supported websites using Chinese characters to indicate the Sands trade name. According to the complaint filed by LVS, the use of the Sands brand, albeit in Chinese character clearly referred to the famous resort hotel, as the background image is that of the LV Sands Marina Bay in Singapore.

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