Lotto Max Jackpot Expected To Reach $50 Million For Valentine Draw

Lotto Max will be wishing honourable Canadian lottery players a Happy Valentine’s Day next Friday February 14.  The national lottery is expected to offer a $50 million jackpot prize on the line, along with two MaxMillions secondary prizes valued at $1 million each.

The remarkable jackpot sum builds on the rolling jackpot from this week, which offered $40 million on the February 7 draw.  According to Lotto Max rules, any unclaimed jackpot prizes are rolled over into the following week, building on the total available for players to win.

Subsequently, any ticket purchases that push the value of the jackpot over the $50 million benchmark is added into a secondary prize pool.  This pool is known as the MaxMillions prizes, which offer up to as many as 50 separate $1 million prizes to players whose numbers match the numbers drawn in the game.

Only one prize was awarded in last night’s draw, one of the ENCORE prizes up for grabs.  The ENCORE is another Lotto Max prize pool available to players who pay the extra $1 to compete in the bonus round.  The OLG reported that a player in Oshawa won $100,000 playing ENCORE, but that money is separate from the main jackpot pool.

Players are able to purchase tickets for next week’s draw up until 9pm EST on Valentine’s Day.  Will you be celebrating a potential $50 million life changing prize with your special loved one?

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