Lotto Max Grand Total Offers $100 Million October 26

 The odds of winning the lottery are never really stacked in one individual’s favour but when the prize is as big as Lotto Max has accumulated to, Canadians coast to coast to coast are likely to pay a visit to the nearest convenience store and grab a ticket.  With no winners of the grand prize on this weekend’s draw the jackpot for October 26 will be $50 million with other 50 $1 million prizes to be won, a total of over $100 million in life changing chances.

First launching in 2009 Lotto Max has become one of Canada’s favourite choices to bet on the numbers for a chance at the big prize.  The main draw is the Maxmillion prizes that are drawn separately from the jackpot for additional chances of winning.  The jackpot only ever adds up as high as $50 million so money that is extra is loaded into the Maxmillion prizes which can become as high as $1 million each.  Canadians enjoy the opportunity to win a secondary prize as high as $1 million in addition to playing for the jackpot as the odds of walking away a winner in some form increase under this system.

Lotto Max becomes most popular when the jackpot is advertised at its full $50 million value and $1 million secondary prizes begin adding up.  Players who may not be regulars choose to gamble their odds when the prize is so high because the thrill of even $1 million is worth the cost to play.

Lotto Max even offers instant messaging alerts regarding winning numbers and expected jackpots to get players even more excited about the game.  The numbers, jackpots, and even chances of winning can also be found on the websites of all provincial gaming operators partnered with Lotto Max to give Canadians plenty of locations to prepare for the thrill of playing the lottery.

Less than a week to go and over 50 Canadians anywhere in the country could become millionaires in one amazing night.  Be sure to get your ticket by 9pm Friday October 26 before the drawing takes place and your life may never be the same.

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