Lotto Max $50 Million Jackpot Ticket Sold Somewhere In Edmonton

After nearly a month left unclaimed, there is finally a winner for the $50 million Lotto Max jackpot.  According to the managers of the national lottery, the winning ticket was sold within Edmonton as well as 19 of the $1 million MaxMillions side winnings up for grabs.

Beginning in November and lasting until December 20, Canadians were eagerly betting on their chances of winning the lottery.  The Lotto Max reached its maximum jackpot peak of $50 million weeks ago, and the incentive to take the gamble was high across the country.

This lottery fever led to millions of dollars in ticket purchases above and beyond the jackpot limit for Lotto Max.  In these situations, the money is evenly divided into secondary $1 million prizes offered for players beyond the maximum jackpot.  By the time of the December 20 draw, the number of MaxMillions prizes grew to 50.

Unlike in some previous jackpots, Lotto Max says the winning prize will be claimed by only one player.  Though the identity of the winning ticketholder has yet to be publicly revealed, the winning ticket was confirmed to be sold somewhere in the Greater Edmonton Area – check your tickets Alberta.

Lotto Max is also noting that 19 of the MaxMillions prizes on the line are also being claimed following the draw.  According to records, 13 of the MaxMillions tickets were sold across Ontario.  There were also 3 others sold within Alberta, 1 was confirmed to be in the Manitoba capital of Winnipeg, and the remaining 2 are being claimed somewhere in Atlantic Canada.

With the holiday season officially underway for many Canadians, the winning 20 winning tickets are amazing presents for lucky ticketholders to kick off their holiday seasons.

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