Pac-Man to Have a New Revenue Stream in 2018

The video game industry is an active and growing field in entertainment, and the video game market is offering an increasing number of options as the number of companies developing new games increase. Gamblit Gaming is one such game development company. The company makes mostly casino-based games, and it also offers hardware such as stations and consoles.

Pac-Man is a cult arcade game that has been around since the year of 1980. The game was created by the Japanese game company Namco, and it was designed by Toru Iwatani. The arcade game became a classic in its medium and had one of the largest franchises in the gaming community.

One of the latest news in the Pac-Man community is that Gamblit Gaming stepped into a partnership with Banai Namco and the two companies will be working n the launch of Pac-Man Battle Casino. This new game will feature things like real-money game mechanics while 2 to 4 players battle in a maze to win a cash prize. The companies will be launching the Pac-Man Battle Casino in the early months of 2018. The game will be first available on the Model G interactive game tables by Gamblit Gaming. Later on, the game will be available on the TriStation hardware of Gamblit Gaming as well.

Gamblit Gaming has produced titles such as Into the Dead, Catapult King, Jetpack Joyride over the course of 2017. Oher titles by the game company include Cannonbeard’s Treasure, Gamblit Poker, Slice of Cake, Match 3 Evolution, Lucky Words, and many others.

The chief marketing officer of Gamblit Gaming Darion Lowenstein is one of the many people whose first steps in arcade gaming were taken with Pac-Man. CMO Darion Lowenstein provided the audience with some insight on the partnership of Gablit Gaming and Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. As many would agree, Pac-Man has become more than just an arcade game. Pac-Man is a part of many people’s childhood and a huge part of the gaming culture of communities.

Through the companies’ partnership, they will be bringing an extra layer of interest and entertainment to the game and the full range of versions that the game already has. According to CMO Darion Lowenstein, the casino is the modern arcade as it is also filled with suspense and excitement.

Yoshiyasu Horiuchi is the chief executive officer of the AM Business Unit of Bandai Namco. He stated that his belief, as well as the belief of the whole company, is that Pac-Man Casino Battle will be a successful addition to the Pac-Man family and that community will love the new game and the exciting features it brings.

In 2005, Pac-Man was featured in the Guinness Book of World Records as the Most Successful Coin-Operated Game. That gives the companies of Namco and Gamblit Gaming a lot of hope for the upcoming game. The community has shown an extreme amount of interest towards the new addition to Pac-Man which will be coming out in 2018.