Lotto 649 Provides Lucky Ontario Lottery Players Life Changing Payouts

Toronto may have missed out on a privatized casino, but the good fortune redeemable through gambling continues to smile on citizens of the city.  The latest streak of luck comes in the form of a Lotto 649 payout, where the grand prize was won by a sole ticketholder in the GTA.

The Lotto 649 draw on Saturday February 1 held a grand prize worth over $11 million, enough money to change the life of one or many lucky winners.  Ontarians have won over $10 billion on Lotto 649 since the lottery was established in 1982, with many of those payouts going to players in Toronto and its surrounding areas.

As for the Saturday draw, the grand prize will be awarded to one lucky ticketholder within the city limits.  But there were multiple other prizes that will be spread out across Ontario and the rest of Canada as well.

The second most valuable prize is the Guaranteed Prize Draw, worth approximately $1 million.  One ticket matched the numbers drawn, and the OLG announced that ticket is somewhere in Brampton, west of the GTA.

But the winning streaks don’t end there.  An ENCORE prize worth $100,000 was won by a player in Brockville, who paid the additional $1 on top of the price for his or her lottery ticket.  The OLG has not released the identities of the winners, and will withhold that information until all prizes are claimed.

Three other Ontarians were also fortunate enough to win shares of another lottery payout, along with a winner in Quebec.  These four tickets will pay out prizes worth over $71,000 each within the coming weeks.

The next Lotto 649 draw will occur on Wednesday February 5, with the jackpot expected to be around $5 million.

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