The Lottery Winning Streak In Hamilton Ontario Continues To Ride

Canadian lottery players are looking on with envy at Hamilton Ontario, which has been the hub of multimillion dollar winnings in the past few weeks.  The OLG confirmed that the $7.1 million Lotto 649 winning ticket from the Saturday December 14 draw was sold somewhere in the city, which follows larger winnings drawn in Hamilton earlier this month.

Dina Kuhtey, a spokesperson for the OLG, stated that the winning ticketholder had yet to come forward on Sunday, but that the winning ticket was sold somewhere in the city of Hamilton. 

The winning draw comes less than two weeks after the December 4 $19 million Lotto 649 draw was also won in Hamilton.  The December 4 draw occurred only two days after the OLG announced the winner of a year-old $50 million Lotto Max jackpot was also living in Hamilton.

During her announcement, Kuhtey gave voice to the envy running through Canadians across the country.

It’s a good time to be in Hamilton.”

Kuhtey says it is very common for winners to wait a few days, often a number of weeks before officially claiming their prize.  According to the spokesperson, the winner from the December 4 draw also has not come forward, but the OLG is advising all Hamiltonians to check their tickets.

The case of the year-old Lotto Max jackpot was a very rare occurrence, which required the OLG to conduct a thorough investigation of its own.  Eventually, investigators tracked down Kathryn Jones as the winning ticketholder, who showed up at the Hamilton woman’s door to verify her identity before authorizing Jones as the winner.

With the holidays around the corner, many Canadians often give lottery or scratchcard tickets as gifts for their loved ones.  The recent winning record in Hamilton suggests recipients of these tickets better check the numbers closely before throwing the tickets away.

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