Kahnawake Gaming Commission Reacts to Provincial Gambling Websites

With all of the talk about provincial governments regulating online gambling, Canada’s own regulatory body, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, has been completely ignored. Kahnawake already does a remarkable job in keeping Canadian online gambling websites safe for players, but provincial governments have taken the regulatory body for granted.

As a result of this neglect, the KGC has taken it upon itself to strike up a new inter-jurisdictional alliance in order to improve its operations. The new pact will allow the KGC and Antigua’s regulatory body to join forces and manage licensees in either jurisdiction. As part of the deal, Antigua would be able to make good use of Kahnawake’s sophisticated technical services, giving its clients more bandwidth.

Additionally, Kahnawake will be able to make up for the business that it is expecting to lose to Loto Quebec’s new online gambling website. By acquiring new business from Antigua, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission can expect an influx of customers to keep themselves busy.

Kahnawake’s Gaming Commission has existed for over a decade, and is very experienced in the online gambling industry. It is unfortunate that provincial governments have overlooked this face, but it is possible that Kahnawake will experience greater visibility and catch the attention of Loto Quebec and Atlantic Gaming.

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