Is Pokie and Slots Advertising Misleading?

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WOnline Pokieshen visiting a casino, most pokie machines are going to state all of the money someone can win, show the different variables someone can take to win something and highlight how it can change someone’s life (it might even show a previous winner). With that being said, the advertisements are really not all that accurate. Most do not show the odds of winning or how the odds change when someone bets with different play lines. However, it is possible that slots might become a bit more honest in Australia within the coming years due to a new lawsuit that has hit casinos throughout the country.

It has been found that video poker machines, also known as pokies, are designed to not only be addictive but also deceive individuals into thinking they are going to win more than they do. Due to this, different individuals have brought up legal action against the designers of these electronic devices. The law firm Maurice Blackburn believes the designers are breaching consumer law by releasing the devices without clear information about the products and that the products are designed to mislead. The law firm says they believe there is a misleading and deceptive element in the games that ultimately trick someone. For starters, there are times where the game makes it seem like someone won, when in fact they lost. The game might pay someone 30 cents back and sound off like a person is a big winner, yet they put a dollar into the machine to play.

In order to determine the legal standings of these actions brought against the designers of pokies and slot machines, the Australian Consumer Law is going to monitor the different machines and how people interact with the machines. Depending on the outcome, it is possible that legal actions might be brought against the designers. It is also possible that the designers will just need to place warnings on the games that is readily available (such as on the front of the screen when someone plays so they have to agree to it).

Currently, the Australian government receives over $2 billion annually in taxes align from the poker machines used throughout the country. However, citizens in the country lose around $12 billion annually on the machines. So, while the money is taxed and it does go back to the government, there is a likely chance much of this money would find its way back to the government in a different form of tax based on purchased or other obtained items.

In order to provide additional consumer protection, it is possible for the government to institute new laws on these forms of betting. In order to make sure consumer are treated properly, it is likely the government is going to pass these laws in order to require the designers of pokies and slots to reveal exactly what someone is partaking in and what the odds of winning are (when odds are available). However, it is all just a matter of time.