Illegal Online Gambling Blocked in Parts of Europe

In the beginning of this month, it came to light that various officials have placed a ban on a large number of illegal gaming operations. These illegal gaming operations have been blocked in the Czech Republic, Poland, and Slovakia. European officials had created a form of ISP blocking in order to try and stop any of these gambling operations from taking place.

The banning of these gambling operations finally happened after a long battle with legal systems with how to approach the issue. For example, the legislators in the Czech Republic had been having a lot of different talks regarding the gaming laws. The Czech’s new law forces these companies to create time limits for players. If the companies do not establish time limits for the people trying to gamble, then the Czech government will shut them down. Unlike the Czech Republic, Poland has taken a much harsher reaction to these gambling sites. Poland has already shut down over 1000 domains and is continuing to shut down more and more each day. Slovakia seems to be the easiest going and has only shut down 16 different domains over the last month. Authorities from these countries have also stated that failure to follow these rules could result in close to 600 thousand dollars in fines for these companies.

With more and more of these illegal gambling operations happening online, the solution to stopping them was easy. According to the European officials, they have created the ISP blocking for these sites to make sure that people are not able to access them online. This action has created a lot of backlash from people on the internet who feel that ISP blocking should be illegal and is a violation of internet freedom. According to various programming and computer experts, these ISP bans are not as strong as people think and could be easily hacked.

Online gambling in Europe has seen a major crackdown over the last few months and it is no surprise why. These countries are missing out on taxes from these sites and feel that they are causing gambling problems with a number of their citizens. The countries who are creating these bans are hoping to stop any future issues before these online gambling companies become too large.

People are crafty and as more and more of them become knowledgeable in technology, they will be able to bypass these bans and find ways to gamble if they want. Many experts feel that there is no true way to ban online gambling so the best solution is to make these companies legal and just avoid any issues. Only time will tell how things will play out when it comes to this European ban on illegal online gambling.