Hacker manages to breach data of Rama Resort Casino

There has been a lot of recent threats regarding cyber security, especially with DDOS attacks becoming larger and more prominent. Despite numberous security safeguards, the Rama Resort and Casino located in Ontario had their database breached by a hacker that managed to get away with customer information. This information included both previous customers of the venue and current customers, as well as employee information. Even though they have immediately begun an investigation, the perpetrator of the incident has neither been identified nor found. However, management at Rama did discuss that there is no evidence that the hacker currently has access to the casino’s databases. The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation is working with both the casino and federal police and has been in contact with experts in cyber security in order to try and identify who did this and how they managed to breach the secure servers. The greatest risk that could result from this is that the customer information becomes public or users begin to have charges from their payment methods they have used in the casino.

The CEO of Rama, John Drake, did note that keeping user information safe from hackers is of the highest priority for the casino. Rama takes their responsibility of keeping their users protected and safe from breaches like this very seriously, and they will be increasing their security measures following this hack.

It would appear that the hacker has made it known that they have obtained this information because there have been online claims about the accessed information, which is why authorities fear that the person may begin to share these details online with others who might use it for malicious purposes. In the claim released by the hacker, they cited that they now have information pertaining to the IT department of the casino, they have gathered patron credit inquiries, email information, security incidence reports, debt and collection information, personal customer info, and much more. This breach has information ranging all the way back to 2007, with employee information that ranges back to 2004.

The casino is owned and operated by the Rama First Nation that are located out of Orillia, Ontaria within a short distance of Lake Simcoe. This particular venue sees about 3 million customers a year, which means that millions of customers are now at some level of risk following the breach. The casino is one of the most popular in the state and managed to bring in a third of all casino revenue for the province back in 2015, reporting $348.3 million in earnings.

Following the hack, it is advised that all customers change any payment information that they have to avoid any malicious activity that may be caused as a result of this event. Customers that wish to continue playing at the casino shouldn’t have any worries going forward since the hacker no longer has access to the databases and the casino is making security its top priority right now.