Greek Gambling Monopoly Negotiations Back On

In mid-2010, OPAP, the Greek gambling monopoly started negations with online gambling operators PlayTech and 888 Holdings. The monopoly was looking for help with launching its online gambling division, but the parties could not reach an agreement on the amount of money that would be paid for their services.

Now, OPAP has opened up the lines of communication once again and is now speaking to representatives from Ladbrokes and 888 Holdings. OPAP hopes that either company will help the monopoly to  get started developing its online gambling website. As Greece is now trying to legalize its online gambling market, the country’s current monopoly wants to get in on the ground floor and have a website when the legislation is finally passed.

Unlike many monopolies that have recently tried to take their operations online, OPAP is taking the high road. Others attempted to launch their own sites without help from existing operators, resulting in a great deal of trouble for players and the monopoly itself. By enlisting in the help of Ladbrokes, 888 or any other online gambling operators, OPAP will build a successful and safe online casino website.

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