Ex-Girlfriend of Poker Champ Pleads Guilty to Armed Robbery

On December 21, 2010 Canadian poker champion Jonathan Duhamel was the victim of a violent robbery. Three people broke into his Quebec home, tied him up, assaulted him and stole more than $200 000 in jewellery and cash. This week, one of the criminals will be tried – Duhamel’s ex-girlfriend Bianca Rojas-Latraverse.
Duhamel won the World Series of Poker 2010, after flying low on the professional poker radar. Primarily an online poker player, he shocked the professional market when he came in first and cashed for over $7 million. He now resides in Boucherville, QC, where he was targeted by his ex-girlfriend and a group of robbers.
After several delays, pushing back the date of her trial, Rojas-Latraverse has decided to plead guilty to several of the crimes that she had been charged which, including: armed robbery, breaking and entering, forced confinement and assault. Her lawyer claims that she wanted to ‘wipe her slate clean’ after having a ‘change of heart’. This week, talks will determine which charges will be dropped, now that she had pleaded guilty.
Two other men, John-Stephen Clark-Lemay and Anthony Bourque, helped Rojas-Latraverse carry out the crime, and all three face the same charges. Only Bourque has been granted bail, but he will return to court this year to face sentencing.


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