Edmonton Man Won Over $1 Million Jackpot On Casino Slot Machine

Many Canadian gamblers chose to celebrate New Year’s Eve within their favourite casino entertainment centres, hoping to cash in on a year-end payout.  One man in Edmonton got his early wish for 2014 – it just occurred a few hours before the stroke of midnight.

Michael Huppe is over $1 million richer thanks to the Apex Casino located along the northern border of Edmonton.  Casino management say Huppe was playing on their Diamond Millions slot machine, and the winning pull of the lever occurred at approximately 1:30pm local time.

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As one of Alberta’s regulated casinos, all games and winnings are monitored by the AGLC, the province’s liquor and gambling control board.  Within moments of Huppe’s win, the AGLC was calling the casino with orders to close off the Diamond Millions slots.

Sarah Van Dusen, Marketing Manager of Apex Casino, was the representative to speak with both Huppe and the AGLC.  According to Van Dusen, Huppe intends to celebrate his winnings by purchasing a new car early in the year.  She also said that Huppe was congratulated by most players and staff within the casino.

It’s just a great feeling for everybody.  Everybody in the casino gets really excited, all the staff is really happy and the players too.”

The AGLC sent a representative to the casino within the hour of Huppe’s win to verify that the slot machine correctly awarded the progressive jackpot.  When the verification was confirmed, Huppe was given assurances that his winnings would be paid out by the AGLC within 10 days.  That payout is expected by the end of this week, providing Huppe with an opportunity to make long-term plans for 2014.

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