Drake Accused Parq Vancouver of Racial Profiling

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Drake, the Canadian Rapper and Artist, has accused the Parq Vancouver Casino of Racism over his Instagram. He stated that he was prevented from gambling at the casino during his visit to perform for two concerts due to racial profiling. Drake said, in his own words, that the casino is the worst-run casino. He claims that he had everything that they requested, but they still did not allow him to play at the casino. Of course, this resulted in a barrage of social media anger from the famous artist’s fan base.

Parq Vancouver’s Point on the Matter

The casino in question stated that they ensure everyone that they stand firmly against any form or shape of racism and that they were following the laws of the province. The casino also added that these protocols have no exceptions for any players, regardless of them being powerful or famous.

The Attorney General of BC Replies to the Incident

David Eby is a lawyer and one of the members of British Columbia’s Legislative Assembly, and he serves as the new Attorney General of BC. When confronted with the incident, the Attorney General had a different perspective. Although he said that he could not comment on private issues that happen within the casino, but he added that there are no exceptions to any of the rules and laws of British Columbia. He was talking about the law that requires players to disclose the source of any money they deposit that is over ten-thousand dollars.

Although David Eby did not mention Drake by name, he noted that all of the new laws that aim to verify the source of large deposits at the casinos have helped cut suspicious gambling money transactions down drastically. Eby noted that the operators made their concerns clear regarding the financial impacts of these laws on their operations, but the change managed to cause an apparent decline in all suspicious monetary transactions.