Edgewater Casino Move Approved

Vancouver City Councilors have agreed to allow Edgewater Casino to move from False Creek to beside the BC Place. This will give the existing casino a more central location, making it more easily accessible to both residents and tourists. The new location will also be home to a new and improved entertainment complex and high-class hotel. 

The decision to move the casino was a controversial one, as Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson announced earlier this year that he did not want any more gambling expansion to occur in the city. However, as part of the move, the casino will not be permitted to install new games or gaming devices, so gambling expansion will not occur. 

The only expansion that will take place concerns the casino’s other facilities. Shops, restaurants and accommodation will be added to make the Edgewater Casino into more of a tourist destination. It will be able to compete with other casino in the area, offering residents and tourists an entire entertainment experience. 

The move will help to create more jobs in the area, without depending on gambling expansion. The new Edgewater Casino will do great things for Vancouver’s local economy and tourism industry. 



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