DC Delays Online Gambling Demo

The District of Columbia was coming cloe to being the first American state to legalize online gambling but, as expected, a wrench has been thrown in its plans. The state’s plan was to launch pay-for-play online gambling by this Fall, but it has just been announced that it has been delayed ‘indefinitely’.

Originally, the state planned to launch a play-money demo of the new online gambling website this month. Now, it has been ruled that there was a lack of consulation on the subject, pushing the launch of the demo site back to an undetermined date.

Despite there being no date set for a relaunch, Buddy Roogrow of DC Lottery maintains a positive attitude. He states that the extra time will give the state more time to ensure that a complete product is launched.

Using this to his advantage, Councilman Tommy Wells plans on introducing a new law this summer that would prohibit DC Lottery from launching an online gambling website. Wells believes that idea needs to be filtered through public opinion before being implemented as a tangible website. As such, his new law could see the plans to create an intrastate gambling website for DC squashed.

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