Could PokerStars Possibly Purchase Full Tilt?

 After Groupe Bernard Tapie backed out of its acquisition deal with Full Tilt Poker, rumours are now circulating that PokerStars is considering purchase the infamous online poker room. Although the claims seemed outrageous at first, The Wall Street Journal has confirmed that the two companies are actually in talks. 

Despite being part of the Black Friday scandal which took place almost exactly a year ago, Full Tilt Poker is still one of the most widely-regarded names in online poker. Its competitors have failed to step up to the plate and truly capture the attention of players that way Full Tilt Poker had, and players are still waiting for the site’s return. 

Now, it seems like a distinct possibility. A source has confirmed with the Wall Street Journal that PokerStars may be able to help Full Tilt Poker return to the spotlight. The company is interested in acquiring the assets of Full Tilt, but it has not yet named a figure. The deal would also see all Full Tilt Poker players receive refunds (which, at this time, amounts to more than $300 million). 

The American Department of Justice has not yet commented on the deal, and neither poker operator has confirmed the details. However, a statement released on Tuesday by Full Tilt Poker stated that the company was confident that its players would be repaid. 


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